On-Site Clinic Veterinarians

Franck Ollivier DVM Ph.D, Dipl. ACVO et ECVO, EMBA

Ophthalmologist running the eye clinic to OFFA standards at CARE on Sunday October 15. 

BIO en Francais, English Below 

Dr Franck Ollivier DMV, Ph.D, Dipl. ACVO et ECVO, EMBA
Ophtalmologue vétérinaire

Je suis originaire de Grenoble (France) et je suis un vétérinaire  ophtalmologue passionné par mon activité. Après un parcours  international de 18 ans, je suis arrivé au Québec en avril 2011 pour  travailler dans le plus grand centre vétérinaire d’urgence et de  spécialités à Montréal jusqu’à ce que me vienne l’idée de créer ma  propre clinique vétérinaire d’ophtalmologie. Ce projet repose sur un long cheminent et une expérience acquise au  fil des années et dans différents pays où j’ai exercé ma  profession-passion de vétérinaire :   

  • à l’École nationale vétérinaire de Lyon durant 4 ans puis de Toulouse pour 1 an, où j’ai acquis ma formation vétérinaire,
  • à Sydney en Australie où j’ai travaillé en recherche et développement pour un laboratoire pharmaceutique durant 2 ans,
  • à la Faculté de médecine vétérinaire de l’Université de Floride  durant 8 années où j’ai acquis ma formation de vétérinaire ophtalmologue  en occupant successivement un poste de thésard (Ph.D), de résident et  enfin de maitre de conférence en ophtalmologie,
  • dans le Kent en Angleterre puis à Paris en France où j’ai travaillé  en tant que vétérinaire spécialiste en ophtalmologie vétérinaire durant 3  ans.

Ma passion pour mon métier ne me laisse que peu de temps  libre durant lequel j’aime faire du sport comme du yoga Bikram, profiter  de ma famille et de mon Jack Russell Terrier Molly, ainsi que les  plaisirs de la bonne table.

Si vous désirez voir mon parcours professionnel complet ou consulter la liste de mes publications :  

 I am from Grenoble (France) and I am a veterinary ophthalmologist with  a passion for my work. After an international journey of 18 years, I  arrived in Québec in April 2011 to work in one of the biggest emergency  care and specialty practices in Montréal. This project of opening the  Ophtalmo veterinary clinic lays on a long path of experience acquired  during all these years and in different countries where I practiced my  passion-job of a veterinarian:   

  • at the national veterinary school of Lyon for 4 years then in Toulouse for 1 year where I gained my veterinary training,
  • in Sydney, Australia where I worked in Research and development for a pharmaceutical company for 2 years,
  • at the college of Veterinary Medicine at the university of Florida  for 8  years where I gained my training in veterinary ophthalmology  taking successively a position as Ph.D student, ophthalmology resident  and ophthalmology lecturer,
  • in Kent, England, then in Paris, France  where I worked as a veterinarian specialist in ophthalmology for 3 years.

My passion for my work does not leave me much free time but I try to  practice sports like Bikram yoga, to enjoy my family and my Jack Russell  Terrier, Molly, as well as good food and good wine.

If you want to see my whole professional track or to consult the list of my publications, please click on this :  

Yanic Brunet DVM

Dr Yanic Brunet is a veterinarian with a practice at Clinique Vétérinaire Centre du Québec and is a long-time standard poodle breeder and owner, more recently under the pre-fix Caniches Emya. As our on-site Veterinarian, Yanic will be in charge of the micro-chipping clinic fundraiser for our participating canine educational, re-home, and rescue groups.   

Lisa Carioto, DVM, DVSc, Diplomate ACVIM

Lisa Carioto, DVM, DVSc, Diplomate ACVIM Dr. Carioto graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University  of Guelph in 1994 and obtained a Doctor of Veterinary Science in small  animal Internal Medicine in 1999. Following her residency, she joined the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward  Island as an assistant professor in Internal Medicine. She became boarded as an American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine diplomate  in 2002.  Dr. Carioto returned to Montreal to work at a referral  and 24-hour emergency hospital for four years before establishing the  first mobile veterinary Internal Medicine referral service in Quebec. In  June 2008, she returned to academia and joined the Centre Hospitalier  Universitaire Vétérinaire, Faculté de médecine vétérinaire of the  Université de Montréal as a clinician, where she was responsible for  clinical teaching of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as  didactic teaching of the undergraduates.  She returned to her mobile  practice in May 2016. Dr. Carioto is also an Internal Medicine  consultant for Royal Canin® Canada. Dr. Carioto is the author and coauthor of numerous scientific publications, book chapters, and  scientific presentations, and she was also reviewing editor for the  textbook, Small Animal Cardiology, A Practical Manual,  by Drs. Sonya Gordon and Amara Estrada.  She has numerous professional  interests, which include immune-mediated diseases, infectious diseases  and zoonoses, renal disease and urolithiasis, gastroenterology, pain  management, and Cardiology.  When Dr. Carioto is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, three dogs, and three cats.  

Dr Carioto is running the Cardiac Clinic to OFFA standards at CARE; ascultations in the morning and echocardiograms in the afternoons, starting the Saturday morning.



Timberlea Vet Clinic will have staff on hand for  a mobile blood clinic featuring discounted SNAP testing & OFFA Thyroid.

Wellness Blood Test: $100
Comprehensive Blood Test: $160

Vaccine Titers-Rabies only: $125

Distemper/Parvo/Adenovirus: $65

Both: $170

OFFA Thyroid: $220

Snap 4Dx (Heartworm, Lyme, Erlichiosis, Anaplasmosis): $50

All prices include tax


Running the OFFA eye clinic on Saturday, Franck Ollivier DVM Ph.D, Dipl. ACVO et ECVO, EMBA 


Extremely fabulous pricing on Auscultation or Echocardiogram with Doppler and hand-written report with OFFA-certified veterinarian Lisa Carioto, DVM, DVSc, Diplomate ACVIM.


Thank you to Yanic Brunet DVM for donating her time and to Identrac for donating microchips for our chipping clinic to benefit non-profits on site with us for the weekend.


The staff from LabGenVet will be on hand to swab your dogs and explain the testing to you, at special discounted pricing of $15 off website prices per test!  
Attendees of CARE will be given a code which can be used to order tests at 10$ off each test from the VGL Lab at UC Davis. Ordered test swabs will be picked up at the show, then sent by the owner. Any test they do will be 10$ off per test (not per dog).