Both days: 8.00 a.m. Registration & Coffee  

Start time  9:00 SHARP General Session – intro of speakers, housekeeping, etc. 


BLOCK # 1 / 9:15- 11:00  


Demonstration of the Modern Clip and the Terrier Clip (which both are acknowledged show  trims according to the FCI breed Standard) - BUT will make comparisons to  the German Clip. Pet trims, pet topknots-  Anders Rosell.   

Reproductive system of the Dog and the Bitch part 1. - Myra Savant Harris RN  


Physics and forces on the performance dog - agility, field trial/hunting poodles, flyball, dock diving, obedience. - Christine Scruggs VMD  


Mother Nature Meets Mother Nurture: How Prenatal Care Affects Pups’ Health and Temperament for Life. This introduction to the new science of epigenetics shows how the care that our dog’s parents (and grandparents) received affects our dog’s lifetime health and temperament. From parent’s age to nutrition to stress, the lives sires and dams lead have striking impacts on their offspring. We’ll discuss the questions to how to lessen these effects, if possible, data to collect, and questions to ask stud dog owners and breeders.  Gayle Watkins Ph.D.   

Recipe for a Performance Prospect – Ingredients  & Marinade -Jac Harbour 

Genetics -101. In this session, you will learn and understand the basic terminology used in genetics and what it means in relationship to an actual dog in front of you. – Natalie Green Tessier


10 a.m. NOSEWORK DEMO – Lakeshore Dog Training Association

 10:30 a.m. RALLY OBEDIENCE DEMO- Lakeshore Dog Training Association 

11:00 OBEDIENCE DEMO Lakeshore Dog Training Association


Grooming Competition Handstrip Terrier & Clipper Class, Freestyle, VENDORS, DEMOS 


11:00—11:15  BREAK


BLOCK #2 / 11:15-12:30


PANEL DISCUSSION: Breeding for Quality / Breeding Strategies: Establishing a breeding program and picking the right puppy. -  Anders, Christine, Gayle, Jac, Natalie, Allison

Reproductive system of the Dog and the Bitch part 2. - Myra Savant Harris RN   

Grooming Asian Styles - Olga Zabelinskaya   


BLOCK #3 /  1:30- 3:30  pm  13:30-15:30  


Hands-On,  Modern Clip and the Terrier Clip, TopKnotsAnders Rosell   


Poodles Topknot Show clinic -  Allison Foley  

Reproductive system of the Dog and the Bitch part 3. - Myra Savant Harris RN     

Update on de-sexing: traditional spaying and neutering versus ovary sparing spays, vasectomies, laparoscopic procedures, etc. Christine Scruggs VMD  

Fit to Be Tied: Physical Fitness Affects Stud Dog and Brood Bitch Breeding Success. We all know we are supposed to keep our dog’s fit but what exactly does that mean for breeding dogs and their pups. Designed in conjunction with Dr Chris Zink, the Fit to Be Tied program prepares studs and brood bitches to breed more easily and produce healthier pups. This initial session introduces the type of exercises should be done from before breeding until the pups go home. - Gayle Watkins Ph.D.   

Recipe for a Performance Prospect – Preparation & The Proof is in The Pudding - Jac Harbour   

Demystifying and Using Genetic Data in your Breeding Program: What does diversity actually mean to your breed and to your breeding program? What is IR vs OI? What is an outlier why are they important to the long-term health of a breed? What is a genetic bottleneck, anyways? Find out in this session as we go deeper into the complex and subtle nature of breed preservation and improvement (basic genetics understanding or attendance at Genetics 101 session in Block 1 is recommended). - Natalie Green Tessier         

Grooming Competition: All other Purebreds & Asian Style, VENDORS, MICROCHIPPING, DEMOS 

3:30- 3:45 p.m.  (15:30-15:45 )  BREAK  

BLOCK # 4 / 3:45-5:00   15:45- 17:00  

Presentation in the show ring. How to communicate with your dog, stack & move a dog correctly in the show ring.  Anders Rosell   


Reproductive system of the Dog and the Bitch Q & A (if required). - Myra Savant Harris RN 

Structure and function - how the breed standard is important for both conformation and performance.- Christine Scruggs VMD 


Fit to Be Tied 2: How to Condition Your Studs and Bitches (and other dogs) In this follow-on session, we’ll learn how to teach our dogs to do each of the Fit to Be Tied exercises using videos. We will also use actual dogs. These exercises are appropriate for competition and working dogs, as well as breeding stock, so all are welcome. - Gayle Watkins Ph.D.

What did the research on Genetic Diversity teach us: An explanation of the research studies done at UC Davis, broken down into laymen’s terms, and what it means for breeders of all dogs. – Natalie Green Tessier  

Junior Handling Clinic - Allison Foley


BLOCK # 1  /  9:15- 11:00 

Beginner and Intermediate Handling Tips/Clinic Refine your handling - all breeds (numbers limited)- Allison Foley

Demonstration of  Poodle Show Trims/ Professional   conditioning of the Poodle show coat. Product knowledge, which products to  use and why for the best possible results -  Anders Rosell. Demo on North American Puppy by Olga Zabelinskaya 


Whelping and Puppy Care part 1. – Myra Savant Harris RN      


Maximizing brood bitch & stud dog fertility – Christine Scruggs VMD  

Open Forum Q & A (an invitation for all to gather and ask questions pertaining to their own litters, puppies and breeding program) – Gayle Watkins Ph.D 

Retrieving Recipes for a Performance Prospect – Outside field work, preparation -  Jac Harbour      

How to use a breed analysis and matching program (such as Betterbred©) in your breeding program If time, Q & A at end using examples of your own dogs already in the  system. Continued next  block. - Natalie Green Tessier      

GYM Grooming Competition: Sporting &   Creative     

11:00—11:15  BREAK   

BLOCK #2 /  11:15-12:30 

Choosing a puppy for conformation and performance. -  Christine Scruggs DVM  & Allison Foley

Demo, Show Trims (Poodles) Anders Rosell    


Whelping and Puppy Care part 2. – Myra Savant Harris RN   

Tips & Tricks For The Salon -Nancy Bryson   

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same:  Our Dogs’ Stable Temperament Traits Even as young as 7 weeks, we can see temperament traits in pups that  will remain with them well into adulthood, regardless of training and   socialization. These traits aren’t good or bad, they are more or less suitable to activities, owners and homes.  Learn which traits are stable, how to identify them and which will work best for you. – Gayle Watkins Ph.D.   

Outside – big yard Retrieving Recipes for a Performance Prospect – Add dogs to the mix -  Jac  Harbour 

Outside,:Agility demos at 11:30 and 12:45 

outside, please remember if the weather is inclement we will cancel the demos.

How to use a breed analysis and matching progra (such as Betterbred©) in your breeding program: Q & A at end using examples of your own dogs already in the system. Natalie Green Tessier 

12:30- 1:30 p.m. CAFETERIA LUNCH

OUTSIDE< weather permitting- AGILITY DEMOS


BLOCK #3 / 1:30- 3:30 p.m. 13:30- 15:30


Hands-On, Show Trims continued Anders Rosell 

Colour Genetics & Disease Inheritance - BILINGUE - David Silversides Ph.D DVM  


Whelping and Puppy Care part 3. – Myra Savant Harris RN 

Ovulation Timing - from breeding to whelping. Maximizing your fresh chilled and frozen semen collection and breeding. – Christine Scruggs VMD 


Show topknot- banding and the spray up (Poodles) - Allison Foley  

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same 2: Our Dogs’ Tweakable Temperament Traits This follow-on session covers temperament   traits that we can tweak through the socialization and training we do with   our pups. Using videos, we’ll discuss   what many of these traits look like, which will fit best with you, and how you can tweak those that may not fit you perfectly. -Gayle Watkins Ph.D

Retrieving Recipes for a Performance Prospect –Drills “Less is More” -  Jac Harbour 


Grooming Competition: Poodles


3:30- 3:45 p.m. (15:30-15:45 ) BREAK

BLOCK # 4  /    3:45-5:00   15:45- 17:00

Masters of Disguise: Judge’s, Groomer’s Handlers  Education. Understanding Poodle Structure and Movement from a Groomer’s  Perspective; deconstructing what the hair hides. Anders will showa  number of  slides where he speaks about structure, movement, breed details in a Poodle & with 5 different breed  standards in mind…! He also does easy comparisons to other breeds as an  eye opener. – Anders Rosell & Allison Foley

Whelping and Puppy Care Q & A (if   required)   – Myra Savant Harris RN   

Matching Pups to Homes with Avidog’s Puppy Evaluation Test (APET)  & Jac Harbour Puppy Evaluation. Dogs whose temperament suits their home, are more successful in their owner’s chosen activities, bring more joy to their families, and experience less stress, which contributes to their health and longevity. But how do you know what temperament traits you want in your dog? We’ll cover the many activities we do with our dogs and investigate how to find pups with   those traits using the APET. & Jac   Harbour’s own testing protocols. Gayle Watkins Ph.D. & Jac Harbour together!